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Introducing: The Transmedia Purity Test

In Making Things, Process Notes on 12 • 9 • 11 at 6:20 pm

We (Andrea Philips and I), made a Transmedia Purity Test.

Yes folks, the ‛Dream of the Nineties’ is still alive on the internet.

Wednesday evening Andrea and I were chatting about entertaining ways to promote her forthcoming book. I suggested that a 1990’s style ‘Purity Test’ would be the perfect combination of nostalgia and information. What followed were several dozen exchanges of potential questions, snark, and my husband looking up from his computer and asking me “what’s so funny?”

After a little while, it became clear that it would be a shame not to share, and thus the ‘Transmedia Purity Test‘ was born.

Fortunately, little pockets of the ’90s still exist on the Internet, in this case as Armory.com’s archives of purity tests and purity test generator. With this goldmine of style (and non-validating html) source material, we mixed in a little JavaScript with the help of Jon Le Plastrier, and coded it up for your entertainment.


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