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Delivering letters via packhorse. Combining the dual frontiers of California: the western, pre-railroad era & the early days of the internet (ARPANET).

California's trails
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  1. Rediscovering the Great American Prairie: Crossing the Great Plains on horseback for awareness + conservation

  2. Ran into John Sears & his today. Surreal to see pack animals in the city exercising their right to the road.

  3. Amos, the draft horse, normally pulls a carriage. Yesterday he got to carry the mail (and Norma) through San Jose.

  4. Feeling very accomplished and very grateful to all who made the pilot ride possible.

  5. More pics from the pilot ride trail: Hanging out w/ Colleen Combes' mustang, Maddie before hitting the trail on Day 3.

  6. Slow Mail pilot riders traveling along the Los Gatos Creek trail on their way to deliver your letters.

  7. Do you know the way to San Jose? The Slow Mail riders do. Pilot ride letters successfully delivered!

  8. Reports of obstacles in the way of the mail in Sanborn Park on the way to Lake Ranch Reservoir. Fortunately we have some resourceful riders.

  9. The Stanford Red Barn has history beyond its role in Slow Mail. It had a part in the invention of cinema.

  10. Can't get enough? More photos from Day 1 of the Pilot Ride on the Slow Mail Flickr:

  11. The Slow Mail Pilot riders set out from Stanford's red barn. (from Weds. morning)

  12. Slow Mail Pilot Ride: report from the trail! Read & see pics from yesterday's ride.

  13. Up early, ready to meet the horses and riders who will carry your letters.

  14. Only a few hours left to get your letters in the mail bags. Horses hit the trail tomorrow morning. Post your missive at

  15. Knots aren't only useful for securing letters to packhorses, it turns out that they're also great for exploring Mars.

  16. Slow Mail followed and
  17. It's been a letter printing extravaganza over at the Slow Mail post office. Get a sneak peek: (cc )

  18. There was an imp responsible for the internet– well an IMP. That was the 1st "modem," Interface Message Processor.

  19. Ah the sweet sound of a dot matrix printer outputting your letters. Only a few days left before they go on the horses.

  20. Check out the Slow Mail bandanas for the pilot riders.

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